Thursday, 28 July 2011

such abundance

I want to post a little something I was writing down... but my weak writing cannot comprehend the vastness of the revelation of any of the things I touch on here.
I just am left in awe. Every time. Jesus is King and I adore Him.

Lord Jesus I have NEVER been this free. This is so deep. deep. deep. and the stongest I have known freedom to be. What you have imparted into my spirit far outweighs any kind of emotion. You have Ruined me for living on emotion. I don't need or want that way anymore. Your reality has redefined me.
 You have revealed to me the perfect sufficiency of Your leadership, and set me free to follow You into my own leadership because of that. I am free to be Deborah!!!
I will lead. And I will begin now, not needing a man to hold my hand, even though I am not doubtful of your provision coming at it's perfect time. I am not defined by the past positions in which I have stood in regard to leadership, but I am defined by You. Fresh sight of the original design that You intended me to walk in. It's the most beautiful thing.
     You are leading me into the knowledge and assurance of my authority. I can stand in the face of the accuser and call out: "Who gave me this authority? Are you kidding?! Have you not heard? I belong to JESUS... and He Bestowed this authority upon me." I am unafraid to warrior with You, God.

To be a sincere, reverant, warrior intercessor in Your courts. To resurrect nations with the tenacity and ferocity of my song; knowing it really is Yours - my tongue is the pen of a Skillful Writer.
and again my lover, You are romancing me into richer and more fervent intimacy and consecration to You... calling me to sit with You and be lead into the nations, having no other requirement for me than to BE WITH YOU, and LISTEN. and then we will walk out together. I have nothing to fear , for it has been settled deep in my soul.
You are my God.
I am crucified to the world. Alive to You. Truly Alive. More and more every hour.

such abundance,
such abundance,

is my portion with my God. Forever.

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I love you all, friends.

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